Thursday, December 13, 2018

Going back to the original electrolysis eperiments. I want to say that that process happens thoughout the universe.

 Electrolysis was used to isolate most of the elements we found for the periodic table … Yes actually so . The mysterious thing about electrolysis is how when breaking up water in to constituent atoms of hydrogen and oxygen that the two respective gases emerge from the water at distant and separate  positive / negative electric leads that  are emerged in the water. The gases should come out  at both leads or between them but instead the transpire up the electric leads separately.  The mystery then is like Schroder's dead cat in real life physics.   How far can the electric leads be apart to get an effect like this and how can  it be that hydrogen and oxygen are not just coming out every where between the leads in to the water?  

 Once you find out that all electro magnetic disturbances including current moving though a wire or though a medium like water is nothing but code as what I call 'dark photons' then it makes sense.  It proves conclusively that photons, dark in a medium or light as radiation cannot have mass  and cannot transmit energy and that properties of frequency wave properties are the properties of mater that is coded to specific parts of the spectrum.  This is a major missed physics discovery.  It blow apart convention orthodox physics for good and absolutely so.  I  also have more poof and proofs.  It also leads to a whole new model for the electron.  It also may mistakenly be assigned properties of mass.  A photon may only really be the manifestation of electro magnetic disturbance and only come into existence when we are observing something or thinking about our existing model.  The source of all the energy then that relate to photonic activity and or dark photon actions inside mater is the underlying momentum of mass moving though space relative to everything else moving  or not moving in space..  that is where my term for super relativity comes from .  It  does not now actually totally destroy Einstein's theory though photons are not going to bend off course because of gravity as they have no mass any more. Momentum as the source of all photonic energy can then create a different but similar kind of warping theory.

So what about electrolysis in the universe?  It should be immediately clear.  if hydrogen and oxygen can flow from leads in water at significant distance....well stars could be giant orbs of hydrogen that came from far far away ...oh and oxygen could be quite elsewhere doing something completely unkown as of yet.

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